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Omar is a TEAM player, he’s the entire creative package; something that seems all too rare. He is observant, task-oriented and completes his objectives the first time around. He listens to his clients as well as colleagues on all tasks at hand. I have personally worked with Omar on numerous projects and he is patient when discussing web design for front end and back end objectives. I am always confident when I have Omar on my side and on my team, I give my utmost recommendation for both web design problem solving and web design communications.

Erich Hoff

Marketing Manager , Williamsburg Enterprises Ltd

I wanted to take a moment to recommend the services of Omar D’Elia and his team. He’s been nothing but excellent regarding his Facebook ad services and other marketing ideas. If you are looking to increase your sales via social media efforts, I’d seriously take a look at Omar’s services. He’s easy to work with and knows the “ins and outs” of placing ads online.

Gary T Murphy

Founderpresident & CEO, Little Soya Premium Sauce

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