In the new age of technology, everyone seems to have at least one social media account of the many platforms out there. We’ve truly entered a globalized society where it’s easier than ever to reach just about anyone on the planet.

When you’re a small business owner, social media network marketing is not something to be taken lightly. It’s practically necessary to have in today’s connected world. Marketing on social media is both cost-effective and versatile.

So why should your business use social media network marketing? In this article, you will be able to learn more than a few reasons why, so let’s dive in!

Your Clients Are on Social Media

Perhaps the biggest reason you should be on social media is that, most likely, that’s where all of your customers are spending their time. According to Pew Research, seventy percent of Americans use at least some type of social media. That’s a 65% increase since 2005, today 72% of American adults use some type of Social media.

Social Media use over time

With so many people constantly on social media, this helps to level the playing field. Now, you have a better opportunity to reach millions or even billions of people. And by understanding who your target audience is, it will be easier to market to them.

If they’re a niche audience, you’ll probably find a subreddit or a Twitter community that you can aggressively market to.

Increase Brand Recognition

Today, marketing isn’t just about selling a good product. It’s about selling a brand. And with social media, you can partner with influencers, utilize trending hashtags, or even go viral.

Dollar Shave Club is an excellent example. The company produced a silly promo video for their company in 2012 at a cost of $4,500. Four years later, they were acquired by Unilever for $1 billion.

Examples like this highlight why you should never underestimate the power of social media and viral marketing. Of course, your brand has to be genuine. Plenty of massive corporations have tried to make their own viral videos and failed.

But by being fresh, unique, and true to the brand, just about any small business can reach Dollar Shave Club levels.

Connect with Your Target Audience

A really cool thing about social media, especially platforms like Twitter, is that you can easily connect with your customers.

Does a customer have something nice to say about your business on Twitter? Give them a like and even a retweet.

When you do this, your customers will feel noticed and appreciated. They’ll feel seen by you and will be encouraged to post more positive things.

You can also follow people who you think would be interested in your product and tweet at them directly. And if a customer has a question, you can respond right then and there when you get a notification.

See what hashtags are trending on Twitter and try to tweet towards those trends.

Use Multiple Social Media Platforms to Increase Your Audience

It’s free to have an account on practically all social media channels. This makes it easy to create accounts on practically all of the platforms, and each channel is different of course.

Take Instagram and Pinterest. Both are visual social media platforms but are still vastly different. Instagram tends to be more about photos of beautiful scenery and people having fun. Pinterest, on the other hand, is more design and craft-oriented.

Before creating your social media accounts, you should make a clear list of what your audience demographic details are. The more specific you can be, the better. The list should include the audience’s age, interests, location, gender, hobbies, the brands they already follow, etc…

social-media platforms

By knowing these values, you can figure out which social media channels are best for you and how to present your brand on those channels. This will also help you make content that will engage your audience and thus increase the odds of conversions.

Social Media Marketing Is Good for SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is vital for all businesses. You’re probably already invested in improving your company’s SEO. But did you know that your social media presence can actually impact your search engine rankings?

Brands that are successful are also popular on social media. So a brand that has a strong social media presence signals to the search engine that the brand is trustworthy, credible, and brings value.

Though social media presence only makes a portion of SEO, it’s still going to provide you a significant bump if you do it well.

Your Competition Is on Social Media

Every business has at least a few competitors. And no matter what your industry is, your competitors already have social media accounts. This means both that there is an opportunity for social media marketing and also that your competitors may currently be courting your potential customers.

In order to be competitive, it’s important that you work on building your social media presence. Having a strong presence and a distinct personality is all it takes to blow past the competition and start scooping up interested customers left and right.

Understanding the Importance of Using Social Media Network Marketing

In today’s digital times, social media network marketing is one of the best ways to turn leads into conversions. If you’re not sure where to start, look up the brands that you admire. See how they run their social media pages and what appears to be successful for them.

No matter what, having at least some social media presence is better than having not having one at all.

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